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Welcome to a day for developers from developers!

Jerwood Hall (Main Hall)


(Capacity 80)


(Capacity 50)

Clore Room 1

(Capacity 25)

Clore Room 2

(Capacity 25)

09:00 Breakfast
09:30 Welcome + Introduction
Haran Rasalingam + Jonathan Midgley
10:00 Trainline Engineering Vision and the Summer of Craft
Heads Team
10:30 Tour de Tech
Phillip Jones / Buzzbike / Braintree
10:45 Tea Break
11:00 Cutting Code LIVE!
David Whitney +
Rob Cooper
Good Practices for iOS Releases
Adrien Humiliere
UK Rail 101
Phil Sharp, Richard Roberts, Neil Clarke
"How can I add this feature using tests?" OVER "How do I test this code?"
Dave Frey
11:30 cont. Native Android Apps, without the installation
Renaud Mathieu
cont. Full Stack RxJS
Jamie Copeland
12:00 How to communicate effectively and intercultural communications
Haran Rasalingam, Orazio Cotroneo
Surgical Refactors
Mehdi Lahmam
Master Breaker Library - Polly
Dave Storey
Programming Robozzle Kata In Haskell
Emmanuel Gaillot
12:30 cont. Payment Request API with a React high order component
Marco Lanaro
To what extent can automation help with development practices?
Paul Bonaud
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Go functional on the front end with Elm
Alexandre Rieux
Dark Launch
Maxim Eliseev
Productive Hacking
Rob Cooper
Automation in iOS
Andrey Kozlov
Workshop: Defining what makes a great BA
Paul Grayson + Sean Rodrigues
14:30 AI - How to Write a bot
Cedric Royer-Bertrand
.NET to Android Native development
Himanshu Walia
Snapshot Testing and Why (When) It Makes Sense
Riccardo Coppola
Agile Evolved: Tango’s experiments in optimising for happiness
Ian Randolph
15:00 Lightning Talks (see details below)
15:30 Lightning Talks (see details below)
16:00 Developer Life, as compared to other professions
Akshay Negi
Engineering Practices
David Whitney
Collaboration Contracts and De Bono's 6 Hats
Regis Bittencourt
Mehdi Lahmam
16:30 Keynote
17:00 Keynote
18:00 Then go to the pub BLUES KITCHEN
134-146 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3AR

Lightning talks

  • Paul Kiddie Easy software license and AppSec checking for Trainline Node.js apps

  • Wojciech Kotlarski LightBDD - Dev Friendly Acceptance Test Framework

  • Dave Storey Resilience + Transient Error Handling - Why it's important

  • Nicolas Gonzalez Pacon

  • David Whitney Everyone Fucks Up

  • Nick Godsland E2E Test Framework

  • Natalie Akam Performance Tools and Techniques

  • Alessio Franceschelli Versioning in 1P

  • Natalie Akam The Mentoring Community

  • Sean Rodrigues Career Matrix